Me llamo Stephanie. But you can call me Ninja. My blog is made up of the random things i enjoy, none of which i take credit for unless otherwise stated.

Anonymous asked: I think girls are only pretty if they have thigh gaps. And if you disagree that probably means you're an ugly fat slob



ok buddy let me show you something here that might just help you get that 8 foot tree out of your ass and actually learn to not be a potato fart for the rest of your life. 

this is me and my wonderful nonexistent thigh gap. sure there may be some fat on my thighs but that sure as hell does not make me fat. 


and this? this is my face. so if you wanna call me ugly then by all means go ahead. but then once you’re done with that make sure you come out of your parents basement, wipe that cheeto dust off your face, and ask your disappointed mother to make you an appointment for the optometrist because you’re clearly fucking blind. 


so next time before you go around calling people ugly fat slobs, take a second and think about what the fuck you’re saying because hiding behind your computer screen is going to get you no where in life. oh yeah, and one more thing buddy, 


fuck you.

6 days ago
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